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Social Responsibility

At The Ritz-Carlton, we have built a legacy of extraordinary service. This tradition extends into our social and environmental responsibility program, Community Footprints, and inspires us to positively impact the lives of others. Our first mission statement, created in 1983, committed that "The Ritz-Carlton Hotels will be known as positive, supportive members of their community and will be sensitive to the environment."? These principles have guided us well over the past 27 years, enabling us to make a meaningful difference in the communities around the world in which our Ritz-Carlton properties are located.

Build your legacy of extraordinary service.

Book a Meeting With Us and Give Back

When you book your meeting the Ritz-Carlton will donate a portion of the guest room revenue to charity.

Impact Experiences

A meaningful opportunity at teambuilding where it’s a win-win for everyone including the local community. The Ritz-Carlton properties around the world offer unique, customized Impact Experiences that meet the interests of your group – and benefit the local community.

Our Commitment

Our enviornmental conservation initiatives deliver an unparalleled guest experience wihle ensuring lasting contributions to our communities.

Submit a request for proposal today and our Ladies and Gentlemen will respond to your request within one business day. Refer to the Community Footprints activity or program that most interests you and we will ensure its inclusion in our proposal.


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